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The Nike Tech Pack & More Affordable Options with Shein Discount Codes

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shein discount codes

Two years ago Nike unveiled their new Tech Pack, a line of clothing for athletes that allowed them control over how warm or cool they were using advanced fabrics, vents, and layering. In the Nike Tech line you can push your limits and look good while doing it. However shopping the top of the line in fashion meets technology does come with a price tag, which is why we also have some Shein discount codes and suggestions for more affordable options. The Nike Tech Pack is great if you can afford it, but we can appreciate that not everyone is working with that kind of budget.

Shein discount codes & the less expensive options

I’m not going to try and pretend that Shein is on Nike’s level when it comes to fabrics and workmanship. The company is ‘fast fashion’ and we all know it. Where Shein does excel is in offering a wide variety of products at extremely low prices, and they always have discount codes available too. One thing they can offer you from the Nike line is layers. I sit and work on a computer for a living, and since I don’t really move around much I feel pretty cold most of the time. Even in the summer, because sitting in AC and not moving is also not conducive to feeling warm. I leave a sweater at the office specifically to wear while I’m there in July and August.

My point is, I’m generally really cold when I go to start my workout, but by the time I’m through warm-up I’m feeling a lot, well, warmer! And by the end of my workout I’m usually so hot I wish I could strip naked and jump into a cold pool. So I go through quite a range. The only solution for me is a lot of layers that I can shed as I go. Shein has a ton of cute activewear pieces, and some matched sets. I usually start with shorts, a sports bra, some drawstring pants, maybe a long sleeve t-shirt if I’m really cold, and a zip-up hoodie. By the time I’m done I’m down to just the sports bra and the shorts. I do not understand the ladies that I see doing an entire workout or class in full length sleeves and pants, maybe I get way hotter than most people? Anyways, give yourself options and then you can work out comfortably and effectively. And since you shopped at Shein, you didn’t even spend very much!

shein discount codes

Nike Tech Pack for Women

The Nike Tech Pack was designed to enhance movement and breathability while keeping fashion in mind. They do have some really cool colours and prints available, and each piece comes with an alphanumeric code stamped on it that translates to Nike. It’s very Cyperpunk 2077 except you’ll actually look cool this time. And not only do they look good, they’ve used specialty woven and knit fabrics that feel good against your skin while moving but also allow for good airflow.

The star pieces of the Tech Pack collection for women are the jackets. The bomber style jacket is absolutely gorgeous and I would wear it anywhere, or there is the crew top that comes with side vents you can zip open to increase airflow if you’re starting to get warm. I would absolutely make use of those, although I’d still probably have it entirely off by mid-way through any workout. And the pockets! So many items of women’s clothing have no pockets at all, or useless ones that I guess are supposed to be decorative? Not so with items from the Nike Tech Pack, all pockets are zippered so your items won’t fall out while running or jumping (hallelujah) and the bomber jacket comes with the insanely useful sleeve pockets for storing keys, phone, and cash. No purse or locker necessary at the gym!

Nike Tech Pack for Men

Not to be outdone the Men’s collection comes with a similar range of functional yet stylish items. My favourite is the military-style jacket. Like the women’s bomber jacket, this is one you could feel comfortable wearing anywhere. It’s made out of a really nice nylon material, has tons of pockets, zips from both the bottom and the top, and it has a hood that you can pack into a pocket on the collar when it’s not in use.

One thing that the men’s collection doesn’t feature is pants, but they do have two options for shorts as well as a short sleeve t-shirt.