About Our Site:

All The Specs Involved With Phisix.co:

Because we’re stat geeks, we love all the stats related to our website. These are the stats related to our website, and have nothing to do with the 3-d modelling technology, which as we mentioned was bought by a major technology company and we can’t tell you which company that is.

Website Stats:

First registered: May 2013
Renewal: renewed at godaddy in May 2015
Hosting: – currently hosted with Namecheap. Shared web hosting package.
CMS: – currently runs on a custom WordPress configuration.
Older Verions – You can view older versions of our website here.
Alexa Rank: 9,601,118
Average monthly visitors: – 4,750 unique visitors per month (rounding up).

See? We love stats. There are thousands of weird stats we could spout about our website. Of course, giving out some statistics can potentially endanger the well-being of the website (hackers only need a little bit of info!). So this is all we’ll share for now.