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Use Hosting Coupons To Save on Server Costs

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godaddy promo codes - hosting coupons

The thing about 3-d modelling is that is requires a lot of storage information to make up a 3-d model of something. And if you’re in this industry, or any tech industry, you know that the #1 expense for a startup company is server expenses. This can make or break your company, especially at the beginning, so we want to give some tips to you entrepreneurs to implement before you start scaling.

#1 Use Hosting Coupons Whenever You Can.

Whether you use AWS or GoDaddy, use whatever promotions you can at the very beginning to lock in as much bandwidth and storage as possible for as long as possible. Renewal discounts are rare and not as good as initial signups, so you should lock in your price for multiple years (if possible).

If you go with GoDaddy, here are places to find hosting promo codes:


For Amazon’s AWS, you can try this one:

Amazon AWS coupons


#2 Have an Emergency Fund

This saved our company, even though I wanted to spend it earlier. A project we were testing wasn’t working, and we ended up canceling a meeting with a VC investor out of it. We scheduled a follow-up appointment once we got the project working properly…but then the investor cancelled the appointment. We couldn’t get anyone else to take our calls, so we ended up having to wait for 4 more months. If one of our partners hadn’t protected that emergency fund in the early days (when we thought the money would last forever), we wouldn’t have made it.

#3 Beware of Scope-Creep

This is the natural inclination for a project to expand. You want your product to do more things: if we add this thing, then it can do this as well! . It can be procrastination manifesting itself, or it could be a way of distracting you. Either way, it keeps your focus off the main goal: build a product that will sell. Make the minimum viable product work, and then these additions can be things that you release later, under the guise of a ‘model 2.0’ release, or an expanded feature. But for now, focusing on one thing for a very long time is the best way to build a company that has a chance at success.

#4 Bootstrap It

If you can, do it. Companies get caught up in the VC rounds of funding and the pre-revenue stage of development. But if you can get your customers to fund your growth, do it. Why? For one, you’ll get immediate feedback on what is working and what isn’t. You’ll know if you’re working on something that people will actually want.
Secondly, it means you can keep more equity for yourself and your founders. VC Funding isn’t free, after all, and you’ll end up giving up lots of control and revenue to these investors.
It’ll also give you the kick in the butt you need! If money isn’t coming in unless you do something, then you’ll do it! There’s no safety net here to fall back on when you bootstrap your company. If you’re someone that needs a kick in the butt sometimes, then bootstrapping is by far the best way to go.

Shout Outs!

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People We Wanna Thank:

Now that we’ve been acquired by a major tech company, we wanted to extend some thanks to organizations, investors and people that have helped us along the way:

  • David Jones – a great and close friend that first registered our domain name back in 2013. Our CEO didn’t know how to do it. David even said that he used a godaddy promo code and only spent $1.99 that first year. Thanks for your sacrifice David!
  • Sequoia Capital – They provided capital during our first round of investing.
  • NVCA – The national venture capital association.
  • David Jones – Again! Our website went down for a bit because we forgot/didn’t know how to renew our domain name. Luckily we called David and he renewed it for us. He…you guessed it…bragged about a godaddy renewal coupon he used.

Tales From Inside the New Megacompany

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big-office-phisix-coAs we mentioned before, has been bought out by a major tech company. The purchase happened over a year ago now, but I’m still getting settled into the ‘working for a mega-tech company’ role I’m supposed to play. I thought I’d use my old website to do some venting. I think this will be helpful for all those aspiring entrepreneurs out there whose primary goal is to be bought out by a big company like Google or Apple. There are upsides, but there are also downsides to the whole process.

The money is, of course, spectacular. If the tech company expects you to come work at their headquarters and fill in an office. If you’ve never worked in an office environment before, this can be a challenge. How do you motivate your employees? What happens when there’s communication problems (99% of all office problems). These might be things you have to deal with down the line. I didn’t, and I took courses on office management in my spare time to get better at it. And I am better. I mean I’m not great, but I’m definitely better than I used to be.

Learn to Master Coffee.

It’s a staple of every office. After all, everyone is sitting down for 8 hours and need to be alert (ideally) the whole time. Keurig machines don’t cut it: the coffee is terrible and it’s not befitting of a tech company. We suggest getting some quality coffee beans and getting your own grinder. The smell of fresh coffee is sometimes enough to motivate a whole office. I suggest doing some research on coffee grinders that are quiet and not messy (resource:

Get a good coffee maker too. This is your lifeblood you’re brewing! Something like the Technivorm Moccamaster. Seriously, it’s a ‘I’m not messing around’ type of coffee maker that’ll make your office life much more palatable.

Learn to Master People.

This one I’m still working on. I have a few people working under me, and we have a vague description of what our mission within the company is. Really, we’re probably all working on a 20 minute presentation to the higher-ups that will end up being rejected and I’ll end up with a sweet payout. Kind of like Bighead on Silicon Valley (highly recommended).

But seriously, I have a tendency to offend them when I give them feedback. I’ve learned that I need to give harsh feedback, but I need to introduce it with a complement. Seriously, it changes the whole game. “You’ve really helped me appreciate the link between AI and driving, and I’ll always appreciate that. But this tech isn’t ready for the road because of various moral quandaries that AI can’t begin to solve.”

I just made that up. Please don’t think that’s a clue for where I work.

Appreciate your Parking Spot.

The parking spot was, for some reason, a big part of my negotiations. I am really grateful now, because it is a sweet spot. It makes all the difference in the world. But the spot next to me? It belonged to another guy like me: sold his company two years ago, got a spot, and it was recently ‘rescinded’ by the company. Now he parks with everyone else. I’m appreciating the sweet parking spot I have right now, because eventually the tech company that giveth will soon taketh away.

And, well, that’s it. I don’t have any big life-changing epiphanies to share with you. Other than life goes on after you successfully achieve all your dreams. You’re still breathing the same air, talking with the same voice, going to the bathroom…all that. So appreciate what you have now, because the big tech buyout won’t solve all of that for you.

Legacy of

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New Technologies in the Wake of Are Changing Business

As we mentioned on our homepage, we have been acquired by a major online retail website, as our 3-d modelling system has been proven to be incredibly effective and could revolutionize the experience of purchasing clothes.

A few of our engineers went on to work on other projects. We wanted to shine a spotlight on a few that truly promise to revolutionize online business (and business in general).


Could it take down? uses a proprietary pricing algorithm to prices goods not only below what does, but even offers Amazon coupon codes in a brazen attempt to demonstrate just how powerful their business model is.

For years, has the been the ‘disruptor’ when it comes to e-commerce. Brick and mortar stores have been complaining for years that takes an unfair advantage of these stores. But what is proving is that the e-commerce world will never slow down to compete fairly with off-line retail stores.

Prices and efficiency are only going to increase.

This rivalry between and reminds me a bit of the story of the tortoise and the hare. was so far ahead of the business world that it got complacent and went to sleep. Well, it’s about to be surpassed…

2. Shapeways

new tech shapeways
With Shapeways you can upload any kind of 3-d image (at least one that isn’t protected by copyright) and they will print it for you and send it to you. 3-d printing is a revolutionary tech that will change many, many fields in the coming years. But Shapeways makes it simple and easy to print anything you desire.
Once the ability to print lots of different materials (i.e. copper wiring, plastic, different metals, microchips, etc.), we’ll have a cosmic shift in how our economy works.

How Our 3-D Modelling Works

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It’s So Much Easier Than You Think!

So you’re interested in what can do for you, but have no idea how you could possibly get a 3-d image of you made without costing an arm and a leg?

It’s so much easier than you think. And you can thank your smartphone for it!

Step 1: Take Pictures of Yourself.

You’ve been preparing for this since the inception of the smartphone!

But in all seriousness, the high resolution and detail of today’s high end smartphones means that you can take five pictures of yourself at different angles and we can compute a 3-d model of yourself for our service.

Keep in mind that this will only work with uncompressed, high resolution smartphones. So when you send us the photos, send us the uncompressed (sometimes called ‘raw’) images.

Supported smartphones: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy 5;

These are the photos we need:

  • front-facing full body photo
  • Side-facing full body photo
  • Back-facing full body photo
  • Front-facing hips-to-head photo
  • Side-Facing full body photo.

And that’s it! Our lab will take the photos and use that all data to create a 3-d model for you. Send us the photos via our contact form. Don’t worry, all images will never be made public or used in any way other than for imaging purposes.

So How Do I Shop For Clothes?

This is the fun part. Hundreds of websites have added our imaging technology to their clothing lines, which means that we have 3-d models for these clothes. Just look for our seal on participating websites.