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The Nike Tech Pack & More Affordable Options with Shein Discount Codes

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shein discount codes

Two years ago Nike unveiled their new Tech Pack, a line of clothing for athletes that allowed them control over how warm or cool they were using advanced fabrics, vents, and layering. In the Nike Tech line you can push your limits and look good while doing it. However shopping the top of the line in fashion meets technology does come with a price tag, which is why we also have some Shein discount codes and suggestions for more affordable options. The Nike Tech Pack is great if you can afford it, but we can appreciate that not everyone is working with that kind of budget.

Shein discount codes & the less expensive options

I’m not going to try and pretend that Shein is on Nike’s level when it comes to fabrics and workmanship. The company is ‘fast fashion’ and we all know it. Where Shein does excel is in offering a wide variety of products at extremely low prices, and they always have discount codes available too. One thing they can offer you from the Nike line is layers. I sit and work on a computer for a living, and since I don’t really move around much I feel pretty cold most of the time. Even in the summer, because sitting in AC and not moving is also not conducive to feeling warm. I leave a sweater at the office specifically to wear while I’m there in July and August.

My point is, I’m generally really cold when I go to start my workout, but by the time I’m through warm-up I’m feeling a lot, well, warmer! And by the end of my workout I’m usually so hot I wish I could strip naked and jump into a cold pool. So I go through quite a range. The only solution for me is a lot of layers that I can shed as I go. Shein has a ton of cute activewear pieces, and some matched sets. I usually start with shorts, a sports bra, some drawstring pants, maybe a long sleeve t-shirt if I’m really cold, and a zip-up hoodie. By the time I’m done I’m down to just the sports bra and the shorts. I do not understand the ladies that I see doing an entire workout or class in full length sleeves and pants, maybe I get way hotter than most people? Anyways, give yourself options and then you can work out comfortably and effectively. And since you shopped at Shein, you didn’t even spend very much!

shein discount codes

Nike Tech Pack for Women

The Nike Tech Pack was designed to enhance movement and breathability while keeping fashion in mind. They do have some really cool colours and prints available, and each piece comes with an alphanumeric code stamped on it that translates to Nike. It’s very Cyperpunk 2077 except you’ll actually look cool this time. And not only do they look good, they’ve used specialty woven and knit fabrics that feel good against your skin while moving but also allow for good airflow.

The star pieces of the Tech Pack collection for women are the jackets. The bomber style jacket is absolutely gorgeous and I would wear it anywhere, or there is the crew top that comes with side vents you can zip open to increase airflow if you’re starting to get warm. I would absolutely make use of those, although I’d still probably have it entirely off by mid-way through any workout. And the pockets! So many items of women’s clothing have no pockets at all, or useless ones that I guess are supposed to be decorative? Not so with items from the Nike Tech Pack, all pockets are zippered so your items won’t fall out while running or jumping (hallelujah) and the bomber jacket comes with the insanely useful sleeve pockets for storing keys, phone, and cash. No purse or locker necessary at the gym!

Nike Tech Pack for Men

Not to be outdone the Men’s collection comes with a similar range of functional yet stylish items. My favourite is the military-style jacket. Like the women’s bomber jacket, this is one you could feel comfortable wearing anywhere. It’s made out of a really nice nylon material, has tons of pockets, zips from both the bottom and the top, and it has a hood that you can pack into a pocket on the collar when it’s not in use.

One thing that the men’s collection doesn’t feature is pants, but they do have two options for shorts as well as a short sleeve t-shirt.

Using Headphones Under $50 to Accessorize an Outfit for Work or School

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best headphones under $50

Accessories play a very important role in enhancing and beautifying your entire outfit. Even if you are wearing a simple outfit for work or school, accessorizing it in right way can make it stand out too. Whether you are going for work or school, you can accessorize your outfit or uniform in a right way to grab attention. Choosing right earrings, bracelet, eyewear, bags and shoes can help you to transform your entire outfit. Here are some of the essential items that you must have in your wardrobe for accessorizing your outfit:

#1: Headphones Under $50

This is one that people don’t often think of, but there are so many styles of headphones available today in so many colours. They range from the very expensive (think those rose-gold Beats by Dre) to the earbuds you can find at the dollar store, but there are lots that are under $50 that not only look cute but also provide good sound quality. For example take a look at, a lot of those headphones come in models other than basic black. A pair of vibrantly coloured headphones can be a super cute accessory for your work or school look, and as a bonus you get to listen to your favourite music or podcast!

best headphones under $50

#2: The Right Pair Of Earrings

There are different types of earrings available in the market, such as studs, geometric, hoops, chandelier and many more. Of course, for a daytime look when you are heading for work or school always look for something simple yet stylish. Studs and hoops will be the best option for your work and school outfits. But you can always try out different shapes and sized in these 2 types. Even geometric earrings of short length can look great with your school or work outfit.

#3: Bracelets Or Watch

You can choose a layer of many thin bracelets as your accessories for your school outfit. It definitely adds a texture and chicness to your entire look. If you are wearing a full-sleeve or three-quarter sleeve uniform to your school, then choose 2 or 3 bracelets only. On the other hand, it is always better to opt for a stylish watch along with a thin bracelet when you are going to work. It adds the elegance and smartness to your outfit.

#4: Choosing The Perfect Pair of Shoes

You can never ignore what a perfect pair of shoes can do to your outfit. It definitely has a power to uplift and enhance your entire look. For your daytime school uniform you can opt for some two-tone ballerina flats for a stylish and comfy wear. Also, you can choose metallic sneakers which is quite in style now or even a floral lace-up footwear to accentuate your outfit. But for the work outfit you can choose a stylish nude pumps or a beautiful wedge-heel shoes. These will go perfectly with your corporate outfit.

#5: Bags Can Do Wonders

One of the best accessories that can do wonder to your outfit is a beautiful and stylish bag. For the school goers a metallic backpack or floral backpack can look amazing. Even the pastel colored sling bags or a studded handbag will go great with the school outfits. For your work, you can carry a beautiful tan or nude tote bag which is quite in style now. There are even some really elegant oversized handbags available in the market that can accentuate your overall outfit.


Besides all these, a pair of stylish sunglass, hair accessories and rings can be great options to accessorize your entire outfit. But do not go overboard as it may look a bit overdressed too. Keep it simple and stylish all the time. Even if you are choosing a chunky pair of earrings for your outfit, keep other accessories simple and sleek.

Travel Deals for New York Fashion Week for Our UK Friends

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uk travel deals to new york

Are you curious about New York Fashion Week? Do you want to know about the events? New York Fashion Week is an exclusive affair, but there will be many cool events that you can attend. Some of the city’s best shops are arranging parties and events for everyone. These are free events celebrating beauty and fashion. If you are looking for some free public events, you can go to some of the ones listed below.

Travel Deals for Visitors from the UK

If you want to attend New York Fashion Week but are across the pond don’t worry, you can still come without having to mortgage your house. There are great travel deals from companies like Travelocity and Expedia on DiscountGo. Remember that you definitely don’t need to hire a car in New York, public transit or the city’s famous taxi cabs will be more than sufficient to get you around while you are there. Plus who wants to deal with driving on the wrong side of the road?

Speaking of, we found Travelocity’s promo code that saves you 20% off sitewide on hotels. We wanted to share it with you. This works for both. U.S. and U.K. customers.

uk travel deals

Events & Parties around New York Fashion Week

Simply Inc NYC Fashion and Beauty Conference

This is a free event organized by Simply Inc. to offer a day of networking and learning packed with the appearance of the celebrities of different industries including blogging, fashion, beauty, and technology. You will get some useful tips for blogging, fashion, and technology. You can check the panel discussion on “Changing the World: Empowering Your Community for the Better” and “Blogging by the Numbers: Using Analytics to Sell Your Influence”.

Break NYFW

In this event, you will get the first pick of online retailer Break’s Fall/Winter selection. Besides, it will feature a few accessories from some women-led brands. You will also enjoy the live art by painter and illustrator Andrea Smith. If you love fashion and art, you should join this event.

NYFW with Sam Edelman

As mentioned earlier, this Fashion Week will be a grand affair and you will have a lot of options to explore the art, music, and fashion. But if you are looking for a free event, you should join the Sam Edelman NYFW bash at his store. You will have the display of accessories, lingerie, shoes, and apparel for spring and you can also get custom denim embroidered with Denim Therapy. You will love the pair of booths as a percentage of the sales will go to the United Nations Women for Peace Association.

Style Dimension

Style Dimension is known for the emerging fashion trends and fashion week happenings. The technology brand that has a partnership with WWD is going to introduce “The Style Dimension”. It will be an exciting and engaging summit that will use the best technology to showcase many new things happening in the fashion world. As it is a free event, you can be a part of it to explore the technical part of the fashion.

Pericura 2.0

This event will be organized by Moxy Times Square for the New Yorkers. It will be free and will be based on beauty. Performing artist Alice Longyu Gao has developed a partnership with Moxy Times Square to offer a neon art exhibit and millennial pink inspired by the instant photo boots in Japan. It will be a Harajuku-inspired space comprised of 400 pink fortune cookies and waving cats. Besides the display, visitors and guests are allowed to book beauty services from the artists in residence including Japanese celebrity stylist Etsuna Otsuka and hair stylist Kahh Spence.

SmartGlamour Runway show

SmartGlamour, an NYC clothing company, will be hosting a body positive catwalk event to launch its new collections that will feature women’s trendy look for all the sizes and shapes. You will have complimentary wine as well.

In addition, there will be paid events that you will need to book online in advance. You can do some research online about the events, venue, and cost.