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Legacy of Phisix.co

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New Technologies in the Wake of Phisix.co Are Changing Business

As we mentioned on our homepage, we have been acquired by a major online retail website, as our 3-d modelling system has been proven to be incredibly effective and could revolutionize the experience of purchasing clothes.

A few of our engineers went on to work on other projects. We wanted to shine a spotlight on a few that truly promise to revolutionize online business (and business in general).

1. Jet.com

Could it take Amazon.com down? Jet.com uses a proprietary pricing algorithm to prices goods not only below what Amazon.com does, but even offers Amazon coupon codes in a brazen attempt to demonstrate just how powerful their business model is.

For years, Amazon.com has the been the ‘disruptor’ when it comes to e-commerce. Brick and mortar stores have been complaining for years that Amazon.com takes an unfair advantage of these stores. But what Jet.com is proving is that the e-commerce world will never slow down to compete fairly with off-line retail stores.

Prices and efficiency are only going to increase.

This rivalry between Amazon.com and Jet.com reminds me a bit of the story of the tortoise and the hare. Amazon.com was so far ahead of the business world that it got complacent and went to sleep. Well, it’s about to be surpassed…

2. Shapeways

new tech shapeways
With Shapeways you can upload any kind of 3-d image (at least one that isn’t protected by copyright) and they will print it for you and send it to you. 3-d printing is a revolutionary tech that will change many, many fields in the coming years. But Shapeways makes it simple and easy to print anything you desire.
Once the ability to print lots of different materials (i.e. copper wiring, plastic, different metals, microchips, etc.), we’ll have a cosmic shift in how our economy works.