Phisix Has Been Bought Out!

You read that right, Phisix.co has officially been acquired by a major technology company, although we are not allowed to name which company it is.

What a journey this has been. Back in 2013 Our President and CEO, Diego Hausen, was a Subway sandwich artist and, after suffering a health scare, decided to become a programmer and start his own company.

When we asked for a picture of Diego for our website, this is what he sent us...

When we asked for a picture of Diego for our website, this is what he sent us…

The only problem? He had no idea how to program.

Those of you who are lucky enough to have met Diego before know his story, but we’ll recap it here for the world to see.

Instead of enrolling in an expensive 4-year degree program, Diego bought an online course on CD-Rom from Amazon.com.

“I scoured the web and found one of those promo codes that would save me some cash on the Cd-Rom package.” Recalling Diego. “I couldn’t afford the course otherwise.”

Everything else was absolutely free: once he has the basics of programming done, he took free courses that MIT posts on their own website.

He programmed his first app, “Turkey Baster Surprise”, which only garnered 3,000 downloads before Deigo took it down himself.

Embarrassed by the quality, Diego set to work on making a true technology that filled an essential need in the world today.

The earnings from Turkey Baster Surprise enabled him to start an LLC, which learned how to do by googling it.

That’s when a light bulb came on: clothing. Gadget stores like Radio Shack and Best Buy are closing doors because you can order the gadgets online for cheaper. But with clothes there is an inherent problem: how do you know if it fits?

Luckily Diego had sat in on a course for 3-d modelling for films and video games. He learned that characters and their clothing are two different programs, and that programmers have ways of making sure that the clothing they create with code will ‘hang just right’ on the characters.

What if we took that idea and brought it into the real world? You could have a 3-d model of yourself and then be able to see how clothes fit on you before you buy them.

An idea like this had been science fiction for too long. Diego felt he knew how to do it right…and he did!

And now, a major tech company with a very vested interest in clothing has acquired Phisix. From Subway to Silicon Valley, Diego truly is an inspiration to us all.

Thanks Diego, and thank all of you for your support.