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Tales From Inside the New Megacompany

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big-office-phisix-coAs we mentioned before, has been bought out by a major tech company. The purchase happened over a year ago now, but I’m still getting settled into the ‘working for a mega-tech company’ role I’m supposed to play. I thought I’d use my old website to do some venting. I think this will be helpful for all those aspiring entrepreneurs out there whose primary goal is to be bought out by a big company like Google or Apple. There are upsides, but there are also downsides to the whole process.

The money is, of course, spectacular. They also give out freebies, like a discount for credit packs from iStock.  Don’t forget where you came from. If the tech company expects you to come work at their headquarters and fill in an office. If you’ve never worked in an office environment before, this can be a challenge. How do you motivate your employees? What happens when there’s communication problems (99% of all office problems). These might be things you have to deal with down the line. I didn’t, and I took courses on office management in my spare time to get better at it. And I am better. I mean I’m not great, but I’m definitely better than I used to be.

Learn to Master Coffee.

It’s a staple of every office. After all, everyone is sitting down for 8 hours and need to be alert (ideally) the whole time. Keurig machines don’t cut it: the coffee is terrible and it’s not befitting of a tech company. We suggest getting some quality coffee beans and getting your own grinder. The smell of fresh coffee is sometimes enough to motivate a whole office. I suggest doing some research on coffee grinders that are quiet and not messy (resource:

Get a good coffee maker too. This is your lifeblood you’re brewing! Something like the Technivorm Moccamaster. Seriously, it’s a ‘I’m not messing around’ type of coffee maker that’ll make your office life much more palatable.

Learn to Master People.

This one I’m still working on. I have a few people working under me, and we have a vague description of what our mission within the company is. Really, we’re probably all working on a 20 minute presentation to the higher-ups that will end up being rejected and I’ll end up with a sweet payout. Kind of like Bighead on Silicon Valley (highly recommended).

But seriously, I have a tendency to offend them when I give them feedback. I’ve learned that I need to give harsh feedback, but I need to introduce it with a complement. Seriously, it changes the whole game. “You’ve really helped me appreciate the link between AI and driving, and I’ll always appreciate that. But this tech isn’t ready for the road because of various moral quandaries that AI can’t begin to solve.”

I just made that up. Please don’t think that’s a clue for where I work.

Appreciate your Parking Spot.

The parking spot was, for some reason, a big part of my negotiations. I am really grateful now, because it is a sweet spot. It makes all the difference in the world. But the spot next to me? It belonged to another guy like me: sold his company two years ago, got a spot, and it was recently ‘rescinded’ by the company. Now he parks with everyone else. I’m appreciating the sweet parking spot I have right now, because eventually the tech company that giveth will soon taketh away.

And, well, that’s it. I don’t have any big life-changing epiphanies to share with you. Other than life goes on after you successfully achieve all your dreams. You’re still breathing the same air, talking with the same voice, going to the bathroom…all that. So appreciate what you have now, because the big tech buyout won’t solve all of that for you.

Travel Deals for New York Fashion Week for Our UK Friends

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uk travel deals to new york

Are you curious about New York Fashion Week? Do you want to know about the events? New York Fashion Week is an exclusive affair, but there will be many cool events that you can attend. Some of the city’s best shops are arranging parties and events for everyone. These are free events celebrating beauty and fashion. If you are looking for some free public events, you can go to some of the ones listed below.

Travel Deals for Visitors from the UK

If you want to attend New York Fashion Week but are across the pond don’t worry, you can still come without having to mortgage your house. There are great travel deals from companies like Travelocity and Expedia on DiscountGo. Remember that you definitely don’t need to hire a car in New York, public transit or the city’s famous taxi cabs will be more than sufficient to get you around while you are there. Plus who wants to deal with driving on the wrong side of the road?

Speaking of, we found Travelocity’s promo code that saves you 20% off sitewide on hotels. We wanted to share it with you. This works for both. U.S. and U.K. customers.

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Events & Parties around New York Fashion Week

Simply Inc NYC Fashion and Beauty Conference

This is a free event organized by Simply Inc. to offer a day of networking and learning packed with the appearance of the celebrities of different industries including blogging, fashion, beauty, and technology. You will get some useful tips for blogging, fashion, and technology. You can check the panel discussion on “Changing the World: Empowering Your Community for the Better” and “Blogging by the Numbers: Using Analytics to Sell Your Influence”.

Break NYFW

In this event, you will get the first pick of online retailer Break’s Fall/Winter selection. Besides, it will feature a few accessories from some women-led brands. You will also enjoy the live art by painter and illustrator Andrea Smith. If you love fashion and art, you should join this event.

NYFW with Sam Edelman

As mentioned earlier, this Fashion Week will be a grand affair and you will have a lot of options to explore the art, music, and fashion. But if you are looking for a free event, you should join the Sam Edelman NYFW bash at his store. You will have the display of accessories, lingerie, shoes, and apparel for spring and you can also get custom denim embroidered with Denim Therapy. You will love the pair of booths as a percentage of the sales will go to the United Nations Women for Peace Association.

Style Dimension

Style Dimension is known for the emerging fashion trends and fashion week happenings. The technology brand that has a partnership with WWD is going to introduce “The Style Dimension”. It will be an exciting and engaging summit that will use the best technology to showcase many new things happening in the fashion world. As it is a free event, you can be a part of it to explore the technical part of the fashion.

Pericura 2.0

This event will be organized by Moxy Times Square for the New Yorkers. It will be free and will be based on beauty. Performing artist Alice Longyu Gao has developed a partnership with Moxy Times Square to offer a neon art exhibit and millennial pink inspired by the instant photo boots in Japan. It will be a Harajuku-inspired space comprised of 400 pink fortune cookies and waving cats. Besides the display, visitors and guests are allowed to book beauty services from the artists in residence including Japanese celebrity stylist Etsuna Otsuka and hair stylist Kahh Spence.

SmartGlamour Runway show

SmartGlamour, an NYC clothing company, will be hosting a body positive catwalk event to launch its new collections that will feature women’s trendy look for all the sizes and shapes. You will have complimentary wine as well.

In addition, there will be paid events that you will need to book online in advance. You can do some research online about the events, venue, and cost.